Smart Solutions.

Agile and reliable solutions to manage changes and guarantee the profitability of your business.

Solvers    Smart Solutions.

Company founded in 2001 with the objective of transforming technology into an ally that adds value to business of our customers and partners. Aiming that the technology is used to simplify, cheapen and boost your business. Focusing on your core activity and not wasting unnecessary energy worrying with matters related to information technology.

Leave your IT with us

  • Reduce costs
  • Experts know-how
  • Customized solutions
  • Focus on what matters
  • Don't worry


Transform technology into an aggregator of value accessible to all (companies and people), regardless of the size or amount of resources or investment power.


To be a reference in service and creation of technological solutions, offering quality services and creating great partnerships with different characteristics and proposals.


  • Love what you do
  • Surprise
  • Be helpful
  • Simplify
  • Focus on people to get results
  • Do more with less, better manage resources
  • Learn the new, don't teach the old
  • Negotiate with ethics, transparency, commitment and respect

Does Solvers develop applications?

Well...that too. However, our role is different. Solvers' goal is to create...



Our flow


Requirements analysis and scope definition

This is where the magic begins!

At this point our understanding wizard will define the scope of the need. And as a scope, not we are not saying a website or an application that is given to us as a reference to look at and copy (Xerox is another company #gotit). This is not a scope! This at best is a cheap copy of someone else's idea and I believe that is not what you want. Simply a copy of an idea of another person, without differential, without personality, with nothing.
You will have to really explain to our wizard what you want and how you want it. Only in this way does the magic really happen.

Now let's talk about "the one who shouldn't be named". Investment cost and time.

After understanding every detail of the need, our miracle wizard will prepare a proposal that will contemplate the investment cost and delivery time after the "abracadabra".
Of course, like any good Brazilian negotiation, he will always be willing to listen to that "is too expensive" and justify the costs and adapt the need and costs in order to make the project viable.


Now tempers arise and the dust rises. It's time to make the magic happen!

Make sure everything is working

Our wizards will ensure that everything that has been defined is working perfectly.

Cold in the belly!

This is the time to end anxiety and see all the effort and sweat pay off. Test in a controlled environment and see expectations met.


Time to put the app into orbit. Publish in production and see everything make sense and be worthwhile.


Our magics

Artistic Coding

Team of artists. Our team doesn't just produce code. They create solutions to add value to your company.

Responsive Design

Applications ready to work on any device, no matter where the user is.

Resource Wealth

"Custom-made" features to meet the needs of your company, customers and users.


Wizards ready to discuss and understand the needs of your company and customers.


Agile methodologies in order to guarantee continuous deliveries and check points during all steps of development.


Always adopting technologies that guarantee safety, agility and performance.

Here are they

The Wizards

Alexandre Calheiros

The handshake Wizard

Milton Yoshida

Part that nobody understands Wizard

Rodrigo Bastos

What we all see Wizard

Caio Maselli

The biological factor and pocket devices Wizard


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